Backstory of linkkraft

Why do we need it?

The modern web is chaotic, aggressive, wasteful, and fragile at the same time. I make tool to expiriance it more visual, calm, economical and stable.

Problems I have when I use modern web & try to process findings:
  • I feel uncomfortable and even scary to close tabs or browser (I won't find that again, even in browser history)
  • I don't close tabs, got confused. It is hard to understand not only the history, but also open tabs, it is difficult to switch to old tabs - I don't remember how and where they came from
  • Tabs keep growing without being organized
  • Keeping tabs open is also a problem. Modern web applications consume computer resources, it starts to slow down. I have to close something just because it's impossible to work.
  • I feel great frustration when the pages that I nevertheless added to my favorites eventually disappear from the Internet
  • I don't actually use browser bookmarks
  • Sometimes I save pictures as a file, but then I can't find them
  • Copying text into note-taking tools is difficult, and along the way the connection with the original is lost. Organizing notes requires serious effort
  • Browser bookmarks and notes are two unrelated systems. That are difficult to organize
  • I take screenshots of parts of the pages, but then I can't work with the text

How did it happen?

For a first time, I was amazed by tree browser concept back in 2009. More prototypes around tree navigation were been build before and after that.
Made raw prototype in 2013
In 2020, I was inspired again by Szymon Kaliski
The Browser Company's (Series A, raised $13M) conclusion:

What are alternatives? - "All-in-one bookmark manager. It is like your own private curated internet with full-text search."

Regarding trails tree: "Tabs Outliner" chrome extension, Tree Style Tab firefox addon. Cartographist experimental web browser

Regarding snapshot saving: "Save Page WE", "SingleFile" chrome extensions. project

Regarding hypertext notes & boards: Heptabase (Seed, $0.5M raised) mixes text blocks & whiteboard. Scrintal does that too.
Combo of browser & hypertext notes: Beam (Series A, $9.5M) mixes notes & browser (no trails/snapshots)