Browser to solve «too many tabs» problem and related pains & suffering

You have too many tabs and chaos, that makes computer to be slow, but you're afraid to close tabs and lose something.

Linkkraft allows you to navigate in mass of open documents before you even try to manage them. And allows to restore your research with full context (documents, materials) after long period of time. Therefore it solves «slow computer» problem too.

That happens by visualizing your steps as tree and by making html snapshot for your earch step.

Let's open some documents from hackernews and compare linkkraft tree and chrome tabs.

What is so unique about linkkraft's solution?

Combination of trails tree & snapshots reinforces each other. This is what makes linkkraft unique across similar software

  1. You don't have to look for snapshot in your downloads or computer documents, since snapshots are integrated in navigation and tree.
  2. When you look at snapshot, you also see related step & context since everything is interconnected.
Let's navigate inside twitter page, restart linkkraft and check how do our steps look. When url of Single Page Application (like twitter) changes, linkkraft makes another snapshot. Your movements around complex web apps like twitter will be saved. Turn of wifi. Restart computer. You can be sure you can still view documents.

Useless snapshots will be removed. Same images and resources won't take space twice.

Who can use it?

Linkkraft is a desktop application for mac/windows/linux. It will be available to anyone willing to purchase it.

How much does it cost?

Support on patreon
with $5 to make linkkraft alive
And get 40% discount from "$15 for month" or "150 for lifetime + year updates" plans when linkkraft will be ready
Signup for beta. 2 months of trial peroid.
No payment info required
  1. Paying customers will get access first
  2. I will be interviewing paying customers and will be poilishing UX for them. Feedback from you will be my main inspiration.
  3. Payed customers will be using linkkraft for free until I polish trails tree & offline snapshots (to be stable & fast).

Also can you can just support me on patreon

What’s the plan?

I'm looking for first customers and product market fit. Polishing stabiltiy, ux & performance of trails tree & snapshots. (read backstory of linkkraft)

What is next?

Make a tool for thoughts from linkkraft. Unlike other note taking apps linkkraft will eliminate efforts to use documents or parts from web in your own notes.

How to get updated?

You can follow linkkraft_app or YodaPunk (me) on twitter to get updates

Who am I?

I’m solo maker, no VC funding, burning my savings (Decided to bootstrap linkkraft since I’m reading levelsio, yongfook, kossnocorp)

I was doing Frontend & Electron architecture at (🥇🏅 on Product Hunt) as first engineer.

I've taken some awards with my side project a long past ago (🏅🥇🥇).

I've beed developing software since 2008

P.S. 4 more video with linkkraft
How branch changes when you go forward using the same document

It saves all trails, you can restart linkkraft app and see trails in the same state as you left them.

Exit & restart app anytime. You will see tree in same state as you left it.
Adopted Zoom UI concept & multicolumn layout help to navigate & fight chaose even more.
When document become loaded, it gets the own snapshot (marked by inner circle). You can go offline, restart and still be able to view that pages.